19 Ağustos 2008 Salı

Dance/Movement in Leipzig

After a long very intensive travells here I am in İstanbul again, the place between east and west and the place really you don't know if you are easteren or westeren , possiblly no one:)...you need to be all the time open, easy going and relax in this city to keep your smile in your heart...ofcourse if you are just a tourist Istanbul will welcome you and carreses your hairs and one part of you always wish to come back....anyways

I had such beatiful 10 days in Leipzig...I would like to share with you how was my workshops that I had with kids and adults..I can say all kids love it..I guess everybody loves to move freely...We had some warmup excerises, than I introduce the muscle&sceloton system of the birds...we examine it with our bodies...it was kind of experimental anatomy:) we run and run and try to fly and stay as much as possible on the air....later they had seen the maps and other visual materials about birds from Turkey , each child choose a bird and created her/his own movements...combined with others ets ets..basicly in between conferancess we moved, we searched, we let our bodies find their own way of expression without imitating nobody

İn this text I am sharing the pictures of it....I had such a great experiance also with adults but I dont have any photo of it...It was during the sunset, on the grasses I would like to take all participans thans Antowi, Lilu, Luke, Tobe, Tim, İsaskun and other which I forget the names